What we do

We have taken videos of homes for landscapes, concerts for the city, and business. Basically, we love flying our drone and editing videos to make our customers smile.  If you think of something cool that you may want us to drone, give us a call we would love to talk and help you out. Showing a bird’s eye view of God’s creation is what we do.

Who we are

Hi, this is Ryan, pilot in command of FlyBy Photography. I have always wanted to fly, but because of my poor eyes, I was unable to fly. But with this drone, I now have my pilot’s license. I get to look at the world through in the eyes of the pilots in the sky from my drone. I have been given a great opportunity to have this drone in my possession. I could not be doing this with out the help of my father-in-law, Bruce de Wit, AKA Pops. He is the owner and the designer of Rosemont Nursery. With him as my visual observer, FlyBy Photography is able to take to the skies.